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We produce all of our own kits and graphics in-house. If you see a kit design you like but it is not listed, simply contact us and we will let you know if it can be produced for your make and model of bike. Most designs we have available can be produced to suit any model, engine size and year of bike. Please bear in mind the shape of your bike panels when looking at designs though, as some designs suit different plastics better than others.

As we produce our own kits we are also able to alter and change the designs shown to suit your own preferences -†such as changing rear fender logos or swapping colour schemes. For minor changes we donít charge anything but if you want us to spend hours adding or changing things then we will need to charge for our time.

We offer a full customising service as well. If you want a 1 off style for your bike just get in touch. Before we can give a realistic price we need to know what type of design you are after and if you want a company logo on your kit, we will need you to supply it to us. Telling us you like the Geico Hondas but can you have it in blue really doesnít help us out. Forward as much information as possible and we will get back to you once we have had a look.

Please do not ask us if we can produce a design already in production from another company. The answer will always be yes, we can copy it for you but we prefer that customers simply buy the kit they like where available. For us to copy a kit already in existence will cost you, the customer more in the long run as we have to charge you for our design time for a 1 off kit. If you do see a kit which simply isnít available for your make, model or year of bike then we can help you out but please be prepared to pay for the additional design time.

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